Filter Collector

Filter Collector
Filter Collector Filter Collector
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The Filter Collector, provides excellent water quality, which is essential to keeping the storage tank and associated taps, hoses and sprinklers clean.  The downpipe filter collector fits into most downpipes. 

Fitted to round downpipes measuring 68mm to 110mm and square 65 to 75mm.

Suitable to collect from around 90M2 of roof area (which is usual maximum for any downpipe)

Water comes down the pipe as normal until it reaches the filter unit.  It is then filtered and diverted 90o in the direction of the tank.  Waste and any excess water passes down the downpipe as normal.

The filter collector is very simple to maintain, there are no moving parts or consumables.  The filter mesh is simply withdrawn and washed before re-fitting.  We recommend that the filter mesh is checked every two-three months and cleaned if necessary.  A blocked filter won't affect the effectiveness of the downpipe, water won't be diverted to storage.

There is also the option to stop water being diverted to storage, by turning off the filter.  This setting is useful in the winter, when perhaps stored water isn't required.

This filter comes in four different colours, white, grey, black and copper/brown and is available with an optional 30cm hose, to enable connection to a tank when it isn't possible to locate the tank right next to the downpipe.


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